Instant Static Website
Suitable for personal and sme industries with a vision for immediate and future expansion. Promotion price from RM 50 to RM 150, limited to 50 customer.
Business Website
Competition is stiff, so make sure your online business makes a great first impression. It's easy to get the upper hand with small business tools that help you.
Web Application
Most of the time, on the self software does not meet your requirement and some time it's a waste to buy something that you do not need come bundle with it. Our software development work follows three distinct steps, Design, Development, and finally Automated Testing as per your requirement. Source code and training will be provided because we believe and we share.
More Services

We simplify your daily work! We automate your needs!

Creating websites is fun. It requires you to be creative and understand what a client needs. we have been in this industries websites for the past 9 years and it has became part of my life. Feel free to contact me if you think my web designs suit your taste..