Business Services Overview

Personal & SME Website We offer a wide range of website service target for personal, small and medium enterperise. For a customer who need an instant web site, we offer a wide range of template and ready the next day. We are serious in our services and value our customer.
Business Website Some business need a special script. The is a lot of opensource script on the self that can be use to in our daily business. We offer our customer to customize this opensource script or to create new script to aline with their business and their need.
Web Application Sometime existing script does not suit to their business model, or only 30 % of the existing script function need to be used. This is where we can offer our experties in web application development. We are expert in Laravel framework, this will give us speedy development and more satisfaction to our customer.
Tranning Beside all the development that we have done, we also offer tranning our youngster. This is some sort of our corporate social responsible, to make sure our next generation with knowledge.
System Support Especially to our customer, we will always there to give support when they in need. We take this very seriously as we do not want leave with bad reputation.
SEO One of the critical part of building web site is SEO. This is important for a certain website to get as many customer to their site.